Delicious Bobor Bayam Recipe: A Flavorful Spinach Dish with Coconut Milk | Healthful and Easy to Make | Learn How Here


bobor bayam

Are you tired of the usual clear spinach soup? How about turning it into delicious "Bobor Bayam"? Let's explore how to make this flavorful spinach dish!

In Central Java, "Bobor" is the term used for spinach cooked in a mixture of light coconut milk. Some people also add chayote, corn, or tempeh to their "Bobor."

The common spices used to make "Bobor Bayam" are shallots, garlic, lesser galangal, and coriander.

Spinach is known for its health benefits. In 100 grams of green spinach, you'll find 16 Kcal of energy, 0.9 grams of protein, 0.4 grams of fat, 2.9 grams of carbohydrates, 166 mg of calcium, 0.7 grams of fiber, 3.5 mg of iron, and 41 mg of vitamin C.

Here's a simple and delightful "Bobor Bayam" recipe with a touch of fragrant lesser galangal:

Total Preparation Time: 30 Minutes
Serving: 3 Portions
Cuisine: Spinach Dish
Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 Minutes
Total Time: 30 Minutes


150 grams of spinach leaves
250 grams of chayote, peeled and cut into pieces
100 grams of tempeh, cut into pieces
50 grams of sweet corn
600 ml of light coconut milk
250 ml of thick coconut milk
2 bay leaves
1 cm lesser galangal, crushed

Ground Spices:

5 shallots
3 cloves of garlic
2 cm lesser galangal
1 tsp coriander
½ tsp granulated sugar
2 tsp salt


  1. Boil the light coconut milk and ground spices with bay leaves and crushed lesser galangal.
  2. Add sweet corn, chayote, and tempeh, boil until they become tender.
  3. Add the spinach leaves.
  4. Pour in the thick coconut milk.
  5. Boil for a short while, then remove from heat.
  6. Serve the delicious "Bobor Bayam" with sambal and crackers. The suitable sambal for this coconut milk spinach dish is the matured shrimp paste sambal. You can make this sambal with bird's eye chilies, garlic, salt, sugar, and roasted shrimp paste, blended into a paste.

When making "Bobor Bayam," it's advisable not to reheat it. Spinach contains nitrates, which can turn into nitrites and nitrosamines when reheated. Nitrites can be harmful, especially for babies under 6 months old.